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Where do you look to find the best most effective nutritional diet for your optimal health? 

With so many different diets available, all of them with their own claim for success, and some of these diets even have people to support and back up those claims with testimonials, so where do you find the best most effective nutritional diet that’s right for you?

How do you sift through all the noise and find a healthy diet that truly works effectively for you, and not just on a short term basis.

A diet that works effectively for life. One that boosts and supports your body and the proper way that your body should function.

A super diet that provides you with the nutrients you need to defend yourself against an unhealthy environment.

The polluted water, and toxins that surround us. Not to mention so many diseases we have to battle throughout our lives.

The poor quality of air that so many breath in… sometimes daily. The mostly degraded food caused by our nutrient depleted soil, that some of us regularly consume.

The pre-existing conditions that so many of us fight to understand and overcome and…

The natural decline in health due to aging.

Lets face it, we get old and the older we get, no matter how good we feel or how well we take care of ourselves… Eventually life comes to an end.

But despite all of this, can we slow down that declining health process that ages us quicker, and find an effective healthy diet?

Studies show that a nutrient rich super diet with all the right easy to absorb vitamins and minerals can definitely help.

A diet that supports the optimal function of our bodies and boosts our immune system in a way that slows down the effects of aging, and helps to protect us from fast declining health.

As I have learned through some research, almost any diet will help you achieve some of your health or weight loss goals for a short period of time…

Depending on how your body reacts to the diet plan that you choose to accomplish those goals.

If you choose the wrong diet plan, then not only will you not be able to accomplish your health or diet goals , but… you could possibly make matters worst..

You need a diet plan that works right for you… One that is compatible with your body and provides you with all the nutrients you need to achieve and maintain your optimal health.

The diet plan that helps you maintain your health goals on a long term basis, would be the best most effective nutritional diet 

Keeping this in mind… If you find a diet that helps you lose some weight or help you improve the way you feel temporarily or for a short period of time.

That’s good… but is it the best diet that you can find? Or can you do better? and if you have not yet found your best diet…

The very best healthy diet plan that helps you reach your health or diet goals on a along term basis, and not just temporarily.

If you have not found that effective powerful healthy diet plan yet… then you might ask…

Where do I look ,and how do I find this effective powerful healthy diet ?

Before you start looking for that powerful effective healthy diet consider this.

Not every ones body reacts the exact same way, to the many different foods that we eat.

As I have mentioned before and have also quoted some experts on this subject in previous posts… To find your best most effective healthy diet…

You really need to know your body well

There seems to be no getting around this. For example you can’t expect to run and finish a long distance race unless you know how far your body is capable of going.

You can’t run a 10 mile race if your body is only capable of only going 5 miles.

To run 10 miles you would have to, either know or find out what your body needs to accomplish that 10 mile run.

To accomplish your health and diet goals , you need to know what works to help you reach those goals and what doesn’t work.

Likewise if you don’t know what foods your body can or can’t tolerate then how do you expect to find your best most effective healthy diet?

That very important effective powerful healthy diet, that helps you… not only reach your health or diet goals , but also helps you maintain and sustain those goals.

Do your healthy body homework

For instance, If you notice that you seem to feel a little better, and have more energy when you eat an apple…That’s Great! it’s a start.

appetite 1239057 640
And as the saying goes.. An apple a day… No neither your computer or your IPhone  will keep the doctor away but a real natural healthy apple 🍎 can help.

Now do some research and try to find out more. Find out why an apple seems to make you feel better, and give you more energy.

What nutrient is that apple providing you with, that you are missing in your body? The nutrient that your body needs to function properly.

What other nutrients are you missing from your daily diet, and how do you replace them.

What are some good replacement or substitute foods… For foods you can’t eat because your body rejects them?

Get credible information and start monitoring how your body reacts to other foods that you are eating.

If something makes you feel bad, then try to find out why and avoid that food.

Then you will have a very good chance to find or create…

A powerful healthy diet that will last not just for a month or maybe even a year or two, but a healthy diet that is effective and lasts for life.

According to some experts, to reach those health goals you might have depends on more than just one thing, but it is possible 🙆 to reach your health goals with the right planning.

Is it really possible, or even realistic to expect any diet to help us achieve optimal health for life?

Notice that I mentioned optimal health and not perfect health, and I believe there is a difference.

I believe the difference is that optimal health is the best health that you can have according to your condition.

For example, if you have a heart condition, and without a proper healthy diet, you have trouble walking one block without feeling fatigued or worn out.

woman 32818 640
Your Diet could be affecting your heart.

However maybe with the right optimal healthy diet you might now be able to walk 2, maybe even 3 blocks before you get tired.

Not perfect, but definitely better then only being able to walk just one block.

Considering your age and your condition, that might be the best that you can do. Your optimal best…

But suppose walking an extra block or two is not the best you can do, suppose you can do more.

Not only can you do that, but now maybe you are even able to improve your progress a little each month.

Consistently improving how far you can walk, little by little while you are on a optimal healthy diet plan along with consulting your doctor 😷 can certainly help you achieve your optimal health.

What would a powerful healthy diet like that be worth to you? would it be worth trying, and also worth sticking to?

How important is your health, well-being and happiness to you?

Only you can answer how important your health is to you… But have you considered just how important your health is to the people you love?

Even if you feel like you don’t have people like that in your life, people who really care about you… You probably do, but you just don’t know it.

Life is a gift, and if no one else cares or appreciates you, then just remember…

There is no one who appreciates your life more… than the one who gave us all the gift of life.

So don’t sell yourself short or put yourself down, if you are not where you would like to be health wise…

But if you sincerely want to improve your health and your life, then be determined to do it.

Giving up bad eating habits, or a poor diet… especially a diet that you enjoy, can be difficult, but certainly not impossible.


If that diet is not helping you or doing you any good then it might be time to make a change

Old habits die hard, and are very hard to break… but think of a new better diet plan as a positive investment in your future health and well-being.

I’m sure that some might feel that there is more to life then always worrying about your diet and health, and I agree.

You have to live your life, and not spend it worrying about things you don’t know, or things you can’t change.

However, if we know that something is wrong with our diet or certain foods that we eat, then that is something we can change, but only if we want to.

If you can improve your diet, then you might not have a perfect diet or perfect health…

But you will probably have the best diet and health that is possible for you to have, considering your condition.

Here is something else to think about… The best effective diet for you could also help to improve whatever poor health condition that you have.

For example certain foods are known to improve the condition of our heart.

Isn’t a heart healthy diet better then having a poor diet, if you have heart problems?

If you have a heart condition or any other health issues…Try to avoid any poor diet that does nothing to improve your health or quality of life.

Find a better diet, that makes your life healthier and more enjoyable? Don’t forget…

An unhealthy diet could not just stop you from feeling better, but probably make you feel worst, causing your health to decline?

Maybe you’re wondering… Where can I find this powerful effective healthy diet? The best most effective nutritional diet that’s just right for you.

Perhaps you have already found your most effective healthy diet plan, but if you haven’t, then you might ask…

If it’s possible, then why haven’t I found this diet yet? and if I can’t find the right diet plan for me, then how can I put together a powerful healthy diet plan that works for me?

Well, the following articles might be helpful, or maybe even a starting point for you to begin exploring, researching and finding your most powerful effective healthy diet.


In an article found at:

There are 5 diets mentioned that are said to be based on science.

Although the 5 diets listed in that healthline article may not be any of the ultimate diets that you are looking for…

Some, or maybe all of these diets mentioned in this article you may already know about or have tried before…

Any of these diets could be a starting point, for someone without a healthy diet plan, but really needs or wants one… But before you start any diet plan…

Always make sure that any diet plan that you choose to start, is compatible with your body and what your body can tolerate.

Be prepared to make adjustments, or stop any diet plan that isn’t working for you, or is causing you harm.

If no diet that you find online or in a book seems to work for you, then try to create to your own diet…

One that’s compatible with your body and is based on the nutrients that your body needs.

The following articles below might help. Click on the link or go to those websites for more information.

5 Diets That Are Supported by Science Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc on July 2, 2019

Below are some quotes from this healthline article. The 5 diets that Kris Gunnars said is supported by science are listed below.

The following is a quote from that article.

“While many diets may work for you, the key is finding one you like and can stick to in the long run.”

Here are 5 healthy diets that are scientifically proven to be effective.

  1. The low-carb, whole-food diet is perfect for people who need to lose weight, optimize health, and lower their risk of disease.
    It’s flexible, allowing you to fine-tune your carb intake depending on your goals.
    This diet is high in vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, nuts, and fats but low in starches, sugars, and processed foods.
  2. Mediterranean diet
    The Mediterranean diet is an excellent diet that has been thoroughly studied. It’s particularly effective for heart disease prevention.

It emphasizes foods that were commonly eaten around the Mediterranean region during the 20th century and earlier.

As such, it includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, whole grains, legumes, dairy products, and extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Paleo diet
    The paleo diet is a very popular diet that is effective for weight loss and general health improvement. It’s currently the world’s most popular diet.

It centers on unprocessed foods believed to resemble those available to some of humanity’s paleolithic ancestors.

  1. Vegan diet
    The vegan diet has become increasingly popular in the past decade. It’s linked to a number of health benefits, including weight loss, improved heart health, and better blood sugar control.

The diet is based exclusively on plant foods and eliminates all animal products.

  1. Gluten-free diet
    The gluten-free diet is essential for people who are intolerant to gluten, a protein that is found in wheat, rye, and barley.

For optimal health, you should focus on whole foods that are naturally gluten-free. Gluten-free junk food is still junk food.

“So many diets exist that it can feel overwhelming to simply find a single one to try”

However, it’s important to note that some eating patterns have more scientific backing than others. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply boost your overall health, try to find diets that are supported by research.

The five examples listed above are a good place to start.”

There are so many foods to choose from and plenty of diet plans that have the key ingredients for a healthy diet.

So how do you choose the best most effective healthy diet that’s right for you?

Why not start by observing your body and making a list of all the foods you eat…

Then record how your body feels or reacts, whenever you eat certain foods or any combination of foods.

If you start feeling real tired, bloated, constipated, or any other negative reaction to a certain food, then put that food on a list of foods to avoid.

If you notice that a certain food gives you more energy, or helps you feel better then put that food on a list of foods to keep in your daily diet plan.

As you build your optimal effective healthy diet, and start to see positive results from sticking to that diet plan.

Then you will know if you have found your very best most effective healthy diet.

For helpful health, diet and nutrition tips and information on the best most effective nutritional diets… 

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