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Welcome to the Diet Nutrition Articles Restaurant and Food Service information and advertising enrollment section! Continue reading for more information. Advertise and promote your business with us. As an advertising plan member, we will do our very best to advertise and promote your business in a way that brings a lot more happy customers to the business you worked so hard to build. __________________________________*______________________________________

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Yes as an advertising plan member, we will do our utmost, our very best to advertise and promote your business in a way that brings a lot more happy, satisfied customers to the business you worked so hard to build.

You worked hard to build your business, let us help you maintain it and watch it grow through our dynamic low cost advertising program. It’s easy to enroll. Use the sign up form below to get started.


Watch your business Grow

Watch your business Grow !

Just fill out completely the subscription form below on this page. It’s very important that you check all the boxes and make sure to include your email address and phone number so that we can contact you about enrollment in the plan.

We will only contact you by email or phone with the full details about the plan and instructions on how to enroll. If we are unable to enroll you at this time, we will send you a message letting you know.

Please be patient and if you do not hear from us right away, keep watching for any email messages we might send you.

If you have any questions or concerns send a message to: support@diet-nutrition-articles.com

Please fill out the form below completely

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button when you’re done


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Provide a satisfying experience at your place to eat.
Here’s where your customers tell the world why your place is the best on our Reviews page

With our diet-nutrition-articles.com advertising plan your place will be listed on our website attracting people from all over with the best reviews from your satisfied customers. As long as you maintain at least an average 4 out of 5 star rating your ad and reviews will stay here attracting new customers and boosting repeat 🔂 business.

Only positive reviews will be posted here. So if your business gets too many negative reviews or complaints causing your satisfaction
rating to drop below 4 stars then this could result in your business and ads being removed from our website.

One of the major benefits of having our unique advertising plan is that we will send your customers monthly updates and reminders
about any specials or new dishes you have added to your menu at no additional charge.

We will also post any pictures along with your address that you send us next to your reviews making it easier for new customers to find you.

This is all part of the many other benefits you get as a Diet & Nutrition Articles Gold Business Plan Member🥇


Our Special discount is only for a limited time ⌚ As long as this special deal is available you will get everything mentioned earlier listed below:

1) Advertise and promote your business to potentially hundreds of customers
2) Promotional Emails sent to your customers weekly or monthly
3) Quality ads written for you and posted on the DIET-NUTRITION ARTICLES.COM website No charge
4) More perks and benefits added later without any additional costs
5) Cancel the plan at anytime without any penalties

Thanks to a new business program at diet-nutrition-articles.com you now have a chance to advertise and promote your business to potentially hundreds of customers at a very affordable price! We have had over 212,479 visitors so far this year.

As a member of our exclusive diet-nutrition-articles.com Gold Business membership plan we will help you increase your business by crafting a quality ad written for you and posted on the diet-nutrition-articles.com website for free or you can send us your own ad, it’s up to you. Not only that but…

We also send promotional Emails to your customers weekly or monthly, keeping your business top 🔝 of mind with friendly reminders about any specials promotions you’re running or menu changes and keeping your customers coming back for more, at no additional charge.

Our diet nutrition articles customer Membership Perks in this plan includes / Incentives like free meals that we pay for and offer to qualified readers and subscribers of our website just to visit your business.

So if any of our diet-nutrition-articles.com subscribers or readers are visiting your area or on vacation in your area, they will have your business posted on our website as a recommended place to eat. and the best part is that you get all of these benefits at a rate you can afford.

And when you enroll in one of our affordable monthly business plans you get the 1st month for free. That’s right no charge for the first month and you can cancel at any time.

This is only the beginning, more perks and benefits will be added later, keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

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