The Keto Diet and Nutrition Health Report part 1

The Keto Diet and Nutrition Health Report part 1

Do you really know if the keto diet is the right diet for you?

There are a lot of questions that we could ask ourselves when it comes to our daily diet, nutrition and health… But for now, let’s just try to focus on the following 2 questions concerning the popular weight loss diet known as The Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet for short, and those 2 questions are…

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#1) Is the keto diet the best diet for me?

#2) Are there any Healthy alternatives to the keto diet?

We will attempt to answer these 2 questions in 3 parts and here is..

-Part 1-

Let me begin by saying that the answer to one of these two important keto diet questions is a personal question that depends mostly on you for the answer.

That is the question of whether the keto diet is the best diet for you, this is a question that you probably should know the answer to… why?

Because no person maybe except for your doctor knows your body better than you.

If your doctor does know your body better than you, than it’s only because your doctor has the tools and the knowledge to examine your body thoroughly, in ways that you can’t.

But no matter how well your doctor might know you or your body, no one not even your doctor can tell you if you are feeling any discomfort or pain from the foods that you eat…

Or from the diet that you have chosen as your main diet. The diet that you believe is your best diet, a diet that you think will provide you with the very best nutritional value, or help you achieve a certain goal.

Unless your doctor not only knows what kind of foods you are eating… But also knows how your body reacts to those different foods how could that doctor possibly know if any pain or discomfort you might be feeling is caused by your diet ?

If your doctor doesn’t know those two basic things about your body and diet, then your doctor can’t actually tell you for sure if any pain you are experiencing is caused by your diet. Should this be of concern to you?

Yes, according to some health professionals there are diets that can cause some pain for certain people, and If your body is causing you some pain or discomfort from your diet… Then this is something you need to know.

Can the keto diet cause you any pain or discomfort? Read on to find out.

If you’re experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort the doctor also can’t tell you exactly where you are feeling this pain or discomfort… You already know where the pain is.

That’s obviously not why you are there… That’s not why you came to see the doctor, that’s not the answer you’re looking for, the problem you want solved.

If you are feeling any kind of discomfort or pain, then you are the one who must tell that doctor when you are feeling this pain or discomfort, and where you feel it.

How can your doctor prescribe or recommend anything for you until you communicate what you are feeling and not just that, but you also have to communicate…

How often you feel any pain or discomfort, exactly where you feel it, and probably when the pain began.

You know the answer to all of these very important questions… Yes you have the answer to all those questions, but maybe there is one very important question that you probably don’t have the answer for..

And what exactly is that one important question? You will find out as you continue reading.

Your doctor has to rely on you to share all this information about your body, why?.. because you should know the answer to all these questions and can give the doctor this necessary information to prescribe a treatment for the problem.

Yes, you can provide your doctor with this vital information that the doctor needs to diagnose and treat you properly, but does not know.

By sharing this information with your doctor, you are providing the doctor with as much information as you can to properly treat the problem correctly.

After you have given the doctor the where it hurts, when it hurts, how often it hurts information about your body.

The most important information about your body that you probably can’t give that doctor, is the why it hurts information.

This is the information that you don’t know..

Isn’t that one of the main reasons why you go to the doctors office if you’re experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort?

Yes, you want to know why it hurts, or why do I feel this bad? or what is causing this discomfort?

That’s the one question that you may not have the answer for if you have this problem, and you want the doctor to answer that question for you.. Why do I feel so bad?

If you knew the answer to that question…

Why am I feeling this way?… and you knew that the pain or discomfort that you were feeling was probably caused by your diet… Or was caused by some food in your diet, and you knew that this particular food could be the reason why you are feeling so poorly..

Then you might not need to see a doctor to answer that.. Why does it hurt? question for you, if you knew that it was only a diet related problem, and not a problem caused by something other than your diet.

Yes, as long as you were absolutely sure that the problem was only a food or diet related problem and was not caused by something else.

Then you could probably answer that… why does it hurt? question for yourself.

If you know your body and your food tolerance well enough, then you should know if any pain or discomfort that you might be feeling is caused by some food you consumed or some food in your diet.

Burger with cheese
Tempting burger with cheese

Notice this comment about pain related to your diet in an article with the title: Bad Diet and Aching Muscles / Found at

The following quote from this article was written by someone named MICHELE ZEHR, M.Ed., M.A., the founder of the Center for Earth-Based Healing.

Here is what Michele had to say:

“You can experience aching muscles anywhere in your body. Potentially achy muscles include soft tissues, fascia, tendons and ligaments according to the National Institutes of Health”.

“While injury, overuse and medical conditions can lead to aching muscles, a poor diet can also lead to muscle pain. Dehydration, electrolyte imbalances and an out-of-balance diet also can cause your muscles to hurt”.

According to that quote above, diet related pain can be a real problem for some people, and if you have ever experienced any kind of muscle cramps or pain, it could have been diet related.  

If you know your body well and carefully watch how it reacts to different foods…

You will probably know before you see a doctor if any problem causing you some discomfort or pain could be something in your diet, or something missing from your diet.

Knowing your body well will then help you to determine what food is good for you and what food is not.

Knowing your body well is important to your health and one of the primary reasons why…

You should know or find out what kind of food if any your body rejects or can’t tolerate, because this will help you to improve and maintain your overall health.

Even if any food that your body rejects comes from your planned diet, a planned diet like the keto diet you need to know about it, especially if that food can cause you some discomfort or pain and is a potential threat to your health.

That is one of the main reasons why it is so important that you know and understand your body well, and know what foods it can or cannot tolerate before you even try to start any new diet, especially a diet you have never tried before.

-The Ketogenic Diet-

If you try a diet like the Keto diet and you know your body well, then you should know all the important details about your body, and you will not only know exactly how you feel before you start on the Keto diet…

But more importantly by knowing your body and it’s tolerance for different foods… you will be able to notice any changes in the way you feel after you start that diet…

You should then be able to notice if there are any significant changes in the way you feel that might be affecting your health, once you have started on the Keto diet.

You also might be able to notice any kind of health issues that you should be concerned about, while you are on this diet. Why?

Well, here is one important reason why you should look for any health issues if you decide to try the Keto diet…

The following is a quote from an article found at : with the title The Pros And Cons Of The Ketogenic Diet.

It mentions the adaptation period of a low-carb diet like the keto diet and here is what it said…

“Extremely low-carb diets have an adaptation period that lasts 1 – 2 weeks. This phase can be very uncomfortable to experience.

People report headaches, flu-like symptoms, sugar cravings, and muscle cramps during this period”.

Again I have to mention that if you know your body well…

Then you will know if the Keto diet is, or is not the right diet… or the best diet for you.

There are numerous warnings about the Keto diet from many health experts and health professionals, and there is also some positive information about the Keto diet as well.

Some positive information about the Keto diet can be found on the Eat Smart Products website mentioned above.

However there are just way too many warnings, negative comments and opinions about this diet to ignore.

Unfortunately I can’t include everything that I have learned about this diet in just the first part of this three part report.

That’s why I have made this a 3 part report, but even though it’s a 3 part report…

I still, will not be able to include all the information concerning the Keto diet that I have found through my research, in just a 3 part report…

Or cover in detail, all the many diets, and all the important healthy foods that we need for our bodies to function properly, in just a 3 part report…

Nor will I be able to adequately cover all the many things that have been written in numerous health articles and blogs about the Keto diet in just a three part report unless I turn all the things I have learned about this diet into a book instead of a report.

Here is another quote from one website about the Keto diet:

“The keto diet has grown in popularity, and many people tout its effectiveness in weight loss, but the, US News and World Report ranked it last on its list of best diets”.

That quote above was from another website, and the list of best diets referred to in that quote can be found at:

That might be the current ranking for the Keto diet in that US news article, but who knows how the Keto diet will rank later and how does it rank in any other diet polls that have been taken?

So many questions, and yet… all of this confusion and all of the conflicting views on this diet… is just another reason why it is so very important that you know, and understand your body well.

Know what foods your body can and can’t tolerate before you decide to start on any diet, not just the Keto diet.

Do your own research

If you decide to try a diet like the Keto diet, and have any kind of problems or health issues before or after you start that diet.

You will know based on your own research, personal observations, and any bad feeling you might start having while on this diet… That the Keto diet probably is not the best diet for you.

The more you learn about your body and what food your body can tolerate and what food it can’t…

Then the more likely you will be able to answer any questions you might have about any pain, discomfort or health issues that could come from eating the wrong foods or starting the wrong diet.

Why am I writing so much here about diet related pain and discomfort in this article?… How common is it?… and what are your chances it could happen to you?

Here is a quote from The American College of Gastroenterology in a Washington post article found at:

“The burning pain of acid indigestion — commonly called heartburn — affects an estimated 60 million Americans at least once a month and 15 million people daily, according to the American College of Gastroenterology. Dec 2, 2019”

Heartburn or indigestion is usually a food related problem, caused by the foods that we eat.

There are however other more serious health risks that some health professionals warn about that are associated with the Keto diet which I cover in a little more detail in parts 2 and 3.

Even being tired, and lacking energy all the time, could be a food related problem that you might be able to solve if you know your body well and know what to look for.

Then by doing your own research and observing your body, you will not only be able to identify any food related problems…

But you can also eliminate whatever food that could be causing you problems, by taking it out of your diet, and replacing it with the good healthy, body friendly food that you need for a well balanced, nutritious diet.

Vegetable dish 1
Learn about the important nutrients your body needs to function properly

To make sure that you get all the important nutrients from your food that your body needs to function properly, learn about your body and know your body well.

No one can tell you for sure how any diet will affect you personally, and you probably won’t know how a diet is going to affect you, until after you start the diet and see how your body reacts to it.

You probably won’t even know if you will experience any discomfort or pain from that diet until after you have tried it first…

Unless of course you already know which foods your body can tolerate and which foods it can’t.

If you know your body well, then you can just simply avoid any food or diet that might cause you problems, and If you don’t know your body well enough then…

Ask yourself this question… If I try a new or different diet and experience some discomfort or pain, or anything unusual… is that a cause for concern?

Does that discomfort, or pain mean that my body is rejecting something in that diet? or could the discomfort or pain be from something else?

This is something you would want to know, especially if that new or different diet that you are trying, is going to be a part of your daily food plan?

How your body reacts to different foods is something you would have to monitor, and closely watch to find out if your diet is affecting your health in some negative way.

Understanding Your Body

By monitoring your body you might find the answer to that especially important question you might have about the Keto diet, the question of…

Is the keto diet the best diet plan for me?

To answer that question, what exactly do you know about your body? and be honest…

How much do you really know about your body, your diet and the foods that you eat?… Why is this so important?


Think about this for a minute…

The understanding and knowledge that you get from watching and observing how your body can react to certain foods, will help you improve and maintain your overall health and well being.

Understanding your body can also help you establish a firm foundation for improving your current diet plan if you want or need to do that… how?

You can include good foods in your diet that you know will actually help you feel better, and then you can slowly build on that until you get the right combination of foods for your optimal health.

Knowing your body and the foods your body can tolerate could even help you look for the right information you will need… To avoid any bad diets that could cause you harm.

The information you need to find or create your best diet… and to help you test your best diet to make sure it’s the right diet for you, is available online.

Yes, the right diet for you…

A well balanced healthy diet that could help to improve your weight without causing you any health problems or issues, is available to you, if you know where to look, and what to look for.

By getting the right information and knowledge that you need…

You will know before you even start on a new diet if you should try it or not, just by checking out the menu first…

That’s because you will already know how your body will react, if at all to any of the different foods that are in that diet or whatever diet that you choose to try.

It would be nice to have a good start to begin a new diet, with all the healthy foods that you need to lose weight naturally, if losing weight is your goal.


Or to improve your current diet if your current diet isn’t working and you have to replace it to improve your weight and health.

If you pay close attention to the foods that you are eating or the diet that you are on, then it will not be that difficult to figure out what you should and should not eat…

What food you can tolerate, and what foods you can’t. What diet might be good for you, and what diet might not be so good for you.

What diet or combination of foods works the best for you, and what diet doesn’t work for you at all.

When you can figure out why one diet or combination of foods works, but another one doesn’t, then you should be able to find your best diet…

Either go online or get in line…

Go online and try to find a good diet/ food checklist to help you monitor and manage the different foods in your diet, or…

I will compile a comprehensive diet check list for my readers if you request it, but I won’t compile the list unless I get enough requests.

Send your requests to, and if I get enough requests then I will send you an email and put you on my list.

There are so many issues that can come from eating the wrong food, or combination of foods.

So, if you eat something new or different for the first time and you get a rash afterwards, does that mean that you have some type of food allergy?

If you know your body well enough…

Then you should know… or at least try to find out if any food that you ate caused the rash, and if the rash is diet related.

If you don’t know for sure what caused the problem, then you probably should see your doctor and try to find out.

It’s Your Decision …

Either way it’s up to you to decide what you should do in that situation.

If you want to prevent any problem from becoming an ongoing problem and possibly escalating into something more serious, then you need to know or find out what caused the problem first.

Anyone concerned about their health would want to know if some food or diet they are consuming is causing or could potentially cause a health problem.

Knowing what might be causing a potential health problem can be a first step at solving the problem.

To fix any problem however it is important to know exactly what is causing the problem, before it becomes worse, no matter what that problem might be.

If you are not careful and don’t pay close attention to your body and diet…

Then sometimes even a small problem if it is not noticed and taken care of in time can become a bigger problem…

But if it is taken care of in time and handled properly, then it could eventually end up being no problem at all.

It’s Up To You…

So, when our body alerts us that something is wrong by sending us some severe pain or discomfort as a warning…

Then most of us will usually respond to that warning by going to see a doctor, but not always… should we?

Do we really need to see a doctor every time we experience some minor pain or discomfort?…

Even if the pain or discomfort is not that severe and might only be a poor food choice problem? caused by eating some food that doesn’t agree with us.

If you were really interested in preventing the problem from reoccurring or from getting worse, then doing absolutely nothing would not be an option.

In the end you will have to be the one to decide what you should do in that situation and if you really need to see a doctor or not.

But remember, if your body is experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort it’s probably because something is wrong.

Something you might be able to fix if you take care of it in time, and so you might wonder…

Is there really any diet that could be that harmful to me?

The answer to that question depends on more than just one thing. A certain diet could be fine for someone, but toxic to someone else and there could be more than just one reason why.

There are several things that you should consider, to make the right decision and find the answer to that question, and paying close attention to your body and how it reacts to different foods is a good start.

How Can I Listen To My Body And Choose The Right Diet For Me?

Does that warning system that our body uses to alert us when something is wrong apply to our entire diet and to any food that we eat?

Does our body really warn us when a certain food or diet is wrong for us? … I believe it does.

Let’s use this simple example and apply the process of elimination…

For example, suppose you decide to try some new exotic food that you have never had before.

b81f57cba24b684025069f90e845f7031676529779 cropped 1676530897 optimized
So spicy..So Good

It looks really good and as you are eating this meal you begin to savor the flavor and happily enjoy every bite.

You have a smile on your face the size of a billboard, why?…

Smiling sun
Sooo.. Yummy!

Because that spicy meal tastes sooo good, aahh fantastic that went down so well… or did it?…wait a minute, hold on a second… BURP!!!

Suddenly, minutes perhaps hours, or maybe even a day later after you have finished eating this meal.

You start to get this feeling in your stomach like a dump truck backed up to your mouth and just dumped a load of rocks into your stomach with a little road salt mixed in.

truck 5743515 1280
The keto diet and nutrition health report part 1 13

Now your stomach starts grumbling and complaining like a grouchy old man, then a little discomfort starts to creep in and makes you wonder what’s next…

Should you stay close to the bathroom and toilet just in case?… or should you call your doctor, Dr Justin Case.

You decide not to call the doctor just in case you can’t afford his bill, but now…

Every time you burp you can taste that enjoyable spicy exotic food dish again, so savory, only this time it doesn’t taste so enjoyable.

This sure sounds like a tasty enjoyable experience, doesn’t it? … one that we would fondly remember for a long time, right? …

Wrong! no it doesn’t… absolutely not, sounds terrible. An experience you will remember… Yes, but fondly remember NO… Tasty! I don’t think so…

I don’t know who thinks that rocks and road salt sounds like a tasty experience, but I sure don’t.

Excuse me, but I’m starting to get a little indigestion and gas just thinking about this terrible food scenario.

So much for the idea of trying to paint a picture…

That’s not a good picture to have floating around in your head, now I have to try and paint myself out of this corner.

Okay so you made a little mistake with your food choice, but guess what? you don’t have to try and figure out what food caused the problem.

You don’t have to use the process of elimination here. You don’t have to go through a laundry list of foods that you ate to try and figure out which food caused the problem… Why?

Because the food that caused the problem is obvious… Yes that food problem left you a clue… The clue that it left for you is…

A very bad spicy food taste in your mouth as a reminder that you made a poor food choice when you decided to try that spicy food dish.

So what do you do now?

What would you do if that happened to you? Suppose you only had 2 options, just 2 choices.

You can either choose option (A) To listen to what your body might be trying to tell you about your bad food choice, and then try to do something about it.

Eliminate your poor food choice from your food plans, take it off your food list…

Or you could choose option B… You could choose to just ignore the problem, and avoid having that conversation with yourself about what to do next.

Why worry about it, no need to give it that much thought. How big of a problem could it be anyway?…

I sure don’t know but…Maybe your body is trying to tell you that you messed up, you made a mistake.

You made the wrong food choice, and it is because of that wrong food choice that you are experiencing this discomfort. Now your body is pleading with you…

Please… don’t ever do that again!!!

sign 304093 1280
The keto diet and nutrition health report part 1 14

Now you must make a decision, it’s up to you to decide what to do next… do you listen to that message your body has just sent you.

To the warning it has given you about the food that you so happily and cheerfully consumed? …

Will you choose the option A approach to the food problem cited above and heed that warning and try to avoid eating the same food again and avoid having that awful feeling again? …

Or would you choose option (B) To do nothing and just ignore your bodies warning signal.

Reasoning with yourself that the discomfort will go away sooner or later, because you really want to try that tasty exotic dish again, it was sooo good …

After all it was only one dish, let’s not try to make a big deal out of nothing, the discomfort will eventually go away later right?…

It will go away like nothing ever happened, I just know it… right?

Well don’t ask me, I don’t know, don’t expect me to answer that question for you… You must decide what’s right for you.

It’s your body and you know what your body can tolerate better than anyone else… So, ask yourself…

What is the right choice for me?

When you make that decision, it should be a decision based on what’s right for you, not someone else.

Try not to make your decision based only on what someone else with the same problem did or did not do to solve the problem, if you are having any kind of problems with your diet…

If you don’t already know why you should not do that, then I will try to explain it later.

You can certainly get the advice or opinion of someone else with the same problem if you want to, but that does not necessarily mean you will get the same result.

The same thing is true about any diet that you want to try or have thought about trying.

Even if someone you know or trust raves about a diet that you have not tried yet… that does not automatically mean it will work for you.

Try to use every tool in the toolbox, every resource at your disposal before you make your decision about what diet is best for you.

That same principal of listening to your body and using the process of elimination can apply to picking or choosing any diet.

If any food in your diet affects you negatively, try to determine which food is causing the problem and then eliminate it from your diet and if the whole structure of the diet…

If the entire diet causes a problem for you and puts your health at risk then eliminate it and replace it if you need to do that…

But try to make sure that you know exactly what is causing the problem and if you don’t know for sure , then you should probably discuss the problem with your doctor before you make any changes.

The process of elimination can be useful at helping us choose our best diet if we carefully observe what we are eating and how we feel afterwards.

Some healthy foods that we might not like probably won’t cause a health issue

Don’t forget that you can also talk yourself into feeling bad about some food that might be good for you, but you just don’t like the way it tastes or smells.

For example, maybe you don’t like the way a particular vegetable tastes and so every time you try to eat that vegetable it makes you feel like you want to vomit.

Probably not because it’s bad for you or because it harms you physically, but because you just don’t like the way it tastes.

For me when I was younger, that particular food was a vegetable that I use to hate, but my mother always made me eat it whenever it was served and now, I love it.

As I got older my taste in food changed and I now appreciate foods that I didn’t understand or like back then.

Maybe you could try to prepare whatever healthy food that you dislike in a different way and then include that food in your daily diet if it will help to improve your health.

If any healthy food you need to include in your diet does not actually cause a real medical problem for you and is only a taste problem, then you will have to make a tough decision.

If the vegetable or food that you hate so much can improve your health, and doesn’t cause any pain or give you a rash or cause an allergic reaction then you will have to decide…

If you want to tolerate the taste of that food to improve and benefit your health or miss out on the healthful benefits of that food because you don’t like the way it tastes.

However, if you have any serious health issues then you should probably get the advice of your doctor before you make that tough decision.

But think about this for a minute…

Thinker question mark 2
The keto diet and nutrition health report part 1 15

Not again! All this thinking is giving me a headache

How many times have you taken some medication or had some medical treatment that you didn’t like, just so that you could improve your health?

If some medication helped to relieve any indigestion or heartburn that you might have, would you refuse to take that medication because of the way it tastes?

If there were no severe side affects from taking that medication then most people would probably take it to relieve the indigestion even if they didn’t like the taste.

What do you think would be worst.. the indigestion or the nasty tasting medication?

There is a wealth of information that you could use to help you decide what kind of food or diet is best for you, if you take the time to find it.

Here is an important quote about the body and it’s composition in an article with the title: What is Body Composition? The Definition, Guide and Test found at

“Globally, there are currently more people that are obese than are underweight. There is now more demand than ever for weight loss treatments, medications and more.

But, before taking medications and beginning treatments, people need to understand what their body is made up of before looking to lose weight.

What your body is made up of is more important than what you weigh. What is inside your body is what can have a detrimental impact on your health”. (End of quote)

The last part of that quote needs to be repeated…

“What is inside your body can have a detrimental impact on your health”

Not just any old impact on your health but… a detrimental impact as the quote said.

That’s a pretty strong statement, and since your diet ends up inside your body where it could have a detrimental impact on your health… If it’s the wrong diet,

And if your health is important to you, then make sure that you get all the facts before you make any decisions about your diet that could be detrimental to your health.

I will be doing some more research on this subject as well as other important health topics to help my readers find the answers to their questions and concerns.

You are welcome to follow along if you like.

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