The Gold πŸ₯‡ Membership Dinosaur πŸ¦• Game Flyer Contest $$$

Look for this flyer at a place near you, register and win!
See The Gold Membership Page For Membership Details.

If you see this flyer at your local coffee shop, restaurant 🍴 or favorite place to eat…

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Save the flyer and make sure you are signed up as a Gold πŸ₯‡ member

Here are the Dinosaur Flyer Game Contest details…

When you see that Dinosaur Game flyer at any location go to the website and play the Dinosaur game located at the bottom of the Gold membership details page on the website to win, or you might be an instant winner by looking for the instant winner message on the back of your flyer -> (You Must Be A Gold Member To Win) and if you see the instant winner message on the back of the flyer then you automatically win whatever cash prize is offered for that month. It could as much as $500! or more.


You could also win the cash prize if the flyer number at the top of your flyer is randomly picked. A winning flyer number will be randomly chosen each month to win the monthly cash game prize, so make sure you save that flyer with the flyer number at the top…

Do you have the winning flyer number? You can easily find out by checking out the winning flyer number that will be posted on the Gold Membership page as soon as someone wins!

Even if you’re not an instant winner you can still win $$$ cash any month by posting the highest score on the Dinosaur game for the month. Keep an eye out for the latest winner which will be posted in your gold membership newsletter sent out each month with all the current contest news and updates for the month posted in the newsletter.

Play as much as you want until you can post your your highest πŸ” score. Simply reset the game and play again until you are satisfied with your score. It doesn’t cost you anything to play β–Ά

Once you have reached your high score then send a screenshot of your game score along with your name, your flyer number and Gold πŸ₯‡ membership number to:

The Dinosaur πŸ¦• Game is located at the bottom of the Gold πŸ₯‡ Membership details page.

If you win, you must send a screenshot of your winning score from the Dinosaur game located on the Gold Membership page at the bottom of the page, along with your name and Gold member ID number. Send the screenshot to…

To: contest@ If you win we will post your winning score along with your name and screenshot on our website and deposit the money into your PayPal account.

Surely you should be able to beat the current high score:)


Here’s how.. Save the flyer with the flyer number located in the top right corner. To register and become an instant winner, email us a copy of the flyer with your name flyer number and Gold Membership number in the email to:

Make copies of the flyer and pass out or post the flyer with your name and Gold membership number on it and whoever joins your team as a Gold member with your Gold membership number and participates in the contest and wins, then you win too!

So if you have 5 gold members who sign up using your Gold membership ID number on the flyer then you have 5 chances to win whatever the cash prize is for the month.

For example if 20 or more people join your team.There’s absolutely no limit to how many people can join your team and participate in the contest.

However, no one can join your team without your Gold Membership number and so If the cash prize is $100 or more for the month, and you have 20 team members participating in the game… You now have 20 chances or more to win if any one of your 20 or more team members wins! Can you imagine what your chances of winning each month would be if you had 100 or more members participating in the game on your team!!

Check out the Gold Membership page for details on how to become a Gold member

Use the form below to sign up for the free newsletterπŸ‘‡ and play the Dinosaur GameπŸ¦•

Have fun, enjoy!

Join today and increase your chances to win BIG !

Smiling sun
The gold πŸ₯‡ membership dinosaur πŸ¦• game flyer contest $$$ 4

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